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Ed Wohl’s solid Birdseye maple cutting boards are crafted by joining sections from a single piece of specially selected, figured bird’s-eye maple, so the tone and figuring are consistent throughout.  Each piece is precision shaped and beveled for a graceful shape and balance individually hand sanded and finished to a sensual silkiness.  

  • 13”x8.5”

Wood Care Instructions

  • Clean immediately after use to prevent liquid absorbing into the wood. Hand wash under running water with mild detergent.
  • Never soak in water or put in the dishwasher, as drying, discoloration, and cracking may occur. Towel dry immediately after washing.
  • Do you not air dry, I spotting may develop. Over time, the wood will start to dry out. To avoid cracking, periodically apply light oil to the surface. If the wood will be stored for a long period of time, use a mineral oil available at a hardware store. If you will use it frequently for cooking, however, any food safe (oil olive oil, canola, etc.) is suitable.