Unique Items Gallery

Our intrepid buyer sources rare and unusual items that are one-of-a-kind. Here are some of the special finds we have sold in the past (none of these pieces are currently available for purchase.)

Be sure to check our Unique Collection for updates. Rare items sell out quickly.


Vintage copper fin (SOLD)

Vintage EMA, Shinto shrine offerings (SOLD)

Vintage glass cookie jar from Japan (SOLD)

Vintage carved wood Ganesh figure (SOLD)

Vintage carved wood Buddha (SOLD) 

Vintage brass birdcage (SOLD)

Antique iron from Japan (SOLD)

Vintage marquetry jewelry box (SOLD)

Offering container from Kathmandu Valley (SOLD)

Vintage brass Ganesh (SOLD)

Vintage paper mache' figures (SOLD)

Intricately carved soapstone Buddha (SOLD)

Large carved Thai fish mold (SOLD)

Vintage Japanese kokeshi dolls (SOLD)

Vintage cast iron and glass grasshopper (SOLD)