Unique: Stoneware Vase by Lindsay Oesterritter

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The stoneware ceramics of Lindsay Oesterritter are much sought after by collectors. The iron rich clay looks like bronze, with a patina achieved by reduction cooling with a wood kiln. As she only fires four times a year, her work is often hard to find, especially outside her native Virginia.

"When I work with clay I aim to convey a narration of time and place. I work in an intentionally straightforward manner, choosing the clay and combination of processes for the marks that will be left on the vessel. The processes of making are recorded on the surface of the object and begin to reveal the qualities of the material and tell a visual story."

The stunning finish reacts to light and looks quite different as the day shifts.

11 1/2 inches tall, 4 1/4 inches wide, 4 1/4 inches diameter