Home: Washing Bag to Contain Microplastics

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Finally, a washing bag to help reduce the amount of microplastic fibers entering the environment. Microfibers break off when washing synthetic textiles, such as polyester, nylon, spandex, acrylic, etc. Fleece jackets, sportswear, or outdoor clothing are often made entirely or to a large extent of synthetic fibers. Many other garments also contain a smaller amount of synthetics. (Check the care label to see what your garments are made of.)

How does it work? The washing bag reduces abrasion so less microfibers are released. The microfibers that are released are trapped in the bag for disposal. You can wash regular cotton clothing in the same cycle as the washing bag.

  • High-tech filter material doesn’t lose fibers itself
  • Reduces pilling and protects your clothes

Dispose of the collected microfibers in household waste. Use the washing bag on medium or low heat, or cold setting.

Designed in Germany, manufactured in China