Library: Ways to Tie Trees

Library: Ways to Tie Trees

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"There are many creative permutations in the field of tree-staking. This is a crucial component in beautifying our garden city."

Featuring a diversity of (sometimes unorthodox) approaches to the art of tree-tying, this book presents an intimate encounter with the trees and their much-overlooked supporting structures, which have become an integral element of the human habitat. Woong Soak Teng’s photographs highlight the abstract elegance of her subjects.

Limited edition boxed set of 30 prints, each 7 1/4 " X 11". Stunning tritones on cardboard by esteemed German publisher, Steidl, are suitable for framing or display.

Embossed tie on cover, beautifully packaged in a 8" X 11/3/4"  archival box, 1" deep.