Library: The Tarot of Lenora Carrington

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A new and fascinating look at the tarot art of famed surrealist, Lenora Carrington (1917–2011).

The British-born artist is one of the more interesting figures to emerge from the Surrealist movement. As both a writer and painter, she was championed early by André Breton and joined the exiled Surrealists in New York, before settling in Mexico in 1943. The magical themes of Carrington’s otherworldly paintings are well-known, but the recent discovery of a suite of tarot designs she created for the Major Arcana was a revelation for scholars and fans of Carrington alike. Drawing inspiration from the Tarot of Marseille and the popular Waite-Smith deck, Carrington brings her own approach and style to this timeless subject, creating a series of iconic images.

Imported. Hardcover, 120 pages